Our Breeds

We specialise in breeding English Bulldogs and American Staffordshire terriers.

English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are gregarious by nature and great companions. They are often called British Bulldogs with most dogs having a thick neck, short face and heavy wrinkles. These social creatures are very laid back and love a moderate amount of attention to keep them going. With low grooming needs and short legs they are perfect for a slow paced life. The English Bulldog has a naturally sweet and gentle disposition which makes them great family pets.

The English Bulldog gets its name from their origins in the British Isles. They are descendants from the Mastiffs that originated in Asia and later bred in Germany to create the Boxer as we now know today. Much like the Pitbull the English Bulldog was bred to help butchers control their livestock levels then later used in bull fighting. Their signature under bite provided them with a better grasp on the bulls face or under belly. Although they had a very rough start they make for a great companion whether you live on a small holding or a flat. English Bulldogs were born and bred workers. They are very persistent, brave and have a high pain threshold.

Standard English Bulldog features include:

A large, flat head with a short muzzle and upturned nose.

Dark low set eyes and a protruding lower jaw creates the comical grin that they are well known for.

With a short and muscular frame they make for great guard dogs.

English Bulldogs stands on average about 40cm tall. Female’s weight ranges to about 23kg and males weigh in at about 25kg.

AM Staff or American Staffordshire Terrier

Also commonly known as an amstaff, staffie or staffy. They are an American medium sized dog with a short coat. This breed is known for being very affectionate and reliable with their masters. They have a high pain tolerance and unusual patience which makes them brilliant with children. The Amstaff is an excellent companion, family pet and watch dog. The Amstaff is very competitive in the obedience ring and show ring. Their average life span is between 12 to 16 years.

The American Staffordshire Terrier can be traced back to England and is a mix between a White English Terrier and an Old English Bulldog. The goal was to produce a dog with the strength and strong will of the bulldog while having the swiftness and nimbleness of the terrier. Much like the English Bulldog the Amstaff was bred and trained to bait tethered bulls and bears. The first Staffy was brought to America in the 1850s and has since evolved into two different breeds namely the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. They are very people orientated and enjoy being part of a family. The Amstaff is relatively easy to train but doesn’t to do well with other feline or canine counterparts.

Standard Amstaff features include:

A medium length muzzle that is rounded.

Their eyes are wideset, round and dark.

Very muscular and stocky build with broad shoulders and a powerful head.

Amstaff stands on average about 46cm tall and weigh between 28-40kg.

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