Dog Boarding

Regardless of how much you love your dog there will come a time when you'll have to leave him behind. It might be to travel, emergencies or an illness. It's very expensive to travel with pets, especially when your travel plans involve using a plane.

In these cases you will need to make a plan for the safety and comfort of your beloved pet. Your neighbours may not be willing to come to your rescue, or they may not be pet friendly fanatics like yourself. Dog boarding is therefore the better alternative for you. Sezer Kennels is there to assist you and all your pet's needs!

These kennels are operated so that dogs have a safe and secure place to call their home away from home while their owners are away. We have beautiful outdoor surroundings and all our professional staff are animal lovers who also dip and walk your dogs.

People sometimes worry about the stress their animals feel by being put in an unfamiliar place, but we have facilities that work to reduce stress and ensure your pet is safe and happy. We also permit you to bring familiar objects like blankets and toys from home to our kennels, making it easier for your pet to adjust to their new, temporary surroundings.