Important Guidelines And Tips For The Aspirant New Owners Of Bulldog Puppies

To start with:- There is only one true Bulldog and that has for many hundreds of years been and still is the “English Bulldog”, proudly owned and displayed by country leaders. The miniaturized version namely the French Bulldog was created very much later, to satisfy the demand for a miniaturized version of “The Bulldog”. Then came the enlarged specimen, namely the American Bulldog, satisfying a demand in that direction. The following comments apply specifically to the “English Bulldog”.

Although the official standard has been updated a number of times, we are always looking and longing for the ownership of this man loving incredible dog. Puppies are unfortunately sometimes rehomed at 6 weeks or even younger, not having been immunized sufficiently. Puppies require a minimum of 3 specified inoculations and 5-6 deworming, which should take them to the age of at least 12 weeks. Serious breeders as well as exhibitors and owners know that these adorable puppies can and often do change their desirable shape and appearance, which is expected to stabilize at between 4 and 6 months.

To detail and explain what nature can do, please note: - In some specimens the body lengthens out of proportion, in other cases the top line flattens and even a small hump appears .In others, legs grow too high and some lose essential muscle tone. In certain specimens the head ‘Crown' does not flatten sufficiently and very importantly some lose their famous and well acknowledged “pear shape”.

In view of the aforementioned circumstances, Veterinarians, Experienced owners, Breeders, Exhibitors and importers, paying up to and exceeding R 500,000.00 for a pup, purchase their new stock at ages from 4 months to 6 months and over. A healthy puppy at any age will adapt perfectly to its new home and owners, providing only it receives human contact and love, suitable quarters and nutritious food. Thus the choice of, at what age to purchase and add the important new member to your family, remains yours.

Kindest regards and good wishes from the staff and owner Arthur J Seef of Sezer Kennels, Bulldog breeders and very successful exhibitor for over 55 years with +/- 50 Bulldogs including pensioners, enjoying our naturally wooded agricultural holdings.

Hoping your new addition, will give you the unrivalled love and enjoyment only a Bulldog is capable of offering.

Arthur J Seef