American Staffordshire Terrier Puppies For Sale

Our Amstaff puppies are all KUSA registered, dewormed, vaccinated & microchipped before leaving Sezer Kennels.

Before buying a puppy or a dog from Sezer Kennels make sure you should ask yourself the following:

• Most importantly, is an Amstaff the right breed for me and/or my family? Amstaffs need to interact with its people. If you don't like your dog to come into your house and follow you around, demanding affection be sure to give your dog lots of attention.

• Can I afford to have a dog, taking into account not only the initial cost of purchasing the dog, but also the on-going expenses such as food, veterinary fees, pet insurance & regular medication for things such as worms, ticks & fleas?

• Can I make a lifelong commitment to a dog? – The average life span of the Amstaff about 10 years and longer.

• Is my home big enough to keep one or more dogs? – Or more importantly is my garden secure enough?

• Do I really want to exercise a dog every day? – Dogs can become very naughty and destructive if they get bored or feel they are not getting the time they deserve. The Amstaff breed are very people orientated breeds and enjoy having human company.

• How long will the dog be left at home alone? – Dogs get lonely just like humans, work out on average how long the dog will be left alone for every day. Make sure that your puppy has sufficient food, water & toys to keep themselves occupied while you are away.

• Will I find time to train, groom and generally care my dog? – Luckily the grooming is the easy bit but where you save time their training will swallow it up. As with any dog they need lots of time and consistent training from puppyhood to adulthood to help them become well-adjusted and better behaved individuals. This especially successful cross between a terrier and a bulldog is characterized by energy and tranquil strength.

• Will I be able to answer YES to these questions every day of the year? – Only you can answer that but please think hard before you make your mind up.

For more information or to arrange a viewing contact us today at Sezer Kennels.